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What Our Customers Are Saying...
My sister was having a boy! This was her first baby so I decided to go with a custom order from Jazzy Diaper Cakes. I ordered a three tiered Airplane Diaper Cake with the colors of our themed baby shower.
My sister was very happy to receive the
Airplane Diaper Cake. It put a smile on her face.
Thank you Jazzy Diaper Cakes for your patience and hard work!
~Altineka G.

A co-worker of mine was having twin girls. So the office staff and I decided to get a twin girl's diaper cake to surprise the mom-to-be. Jazzy Diaper Cakes did an amazing job on our diaper cake order. They have exceptional customer service and I would do business with them again. ~Joseph C.

I recently ordered the Mudpie Diaper Cake for one
of my best friend's baby showers and she absolutely loved it!!!!
The service that I received was exceptional
and I was completely satisfied with my overall experience.
I would definitely recommend Jazzy Diaper Cakes
to my friends and family!
~ Gherie S.

We loved our Jazzy Diaper Cake. We received so many comments on how unique it was compared to others. We thought it was unique because it had our family name. It also contained items other than diapers which were very useful. In our Jazzy Diaper Cake were Luvs diapers, two blankets, a bottle, a rubber duckie, bath supplies, and a free photo session. We kept our Jazzy Diaper Cake on display in our nursery until our little one arrived.
~The Hill Family

Jazzy Diaper Cakes are the best I have seen. I was offered a diaper cake as a gift at my baby shower. I had not told anyone the sex of my baby and so therefore the diaper cake's theme was neutral, yet very classy and modern. The colors were more of a light brown and white.
I really liked it, because it was not the typical yellow and green colors picked for a baby with an unknown sex. The diaper cake was very steady. My cake consisted of blankets, a glass bottle with candy in it, other accessories and of course diapers, which did come in handy!!!! My 3-tier cake was also personalized for my unborn. I loved it!!
~The Hutchings Family

My wife and I loved our Jazzy Diaper Cake.
We really appreciated the attention
to detail that went into making our
gift... Loved the surprise baby poem nestled within!
You guys really brought a smile to our faces.
Thank you and best of luck!
~ Gregory and Marsha

I loved the Hello Kitty Diaper Cake. It's so adorable! I don't want to even open it. I like the fact the message card was personalized with the baby's name. I would definitely recommend Jazzy Diaper Cakes to all my friends and family because of their professionalism and creativity.
~ Quita  J.

My daughter absolutely loved her Tweety Diaper Cake. She was so excited because Tweety is her favorite character. My daughter didn't even want to take her diaper cake apart she loved it so much.
Thank you Jazzy Diaper Cakes for making
my daughter's baby shower so special.
I would definitely recommend
Jazzy Diaper Cakes to my family and friends.
~ Linda M.

I like purchasing from Jazzy Diaper Cakes because
their ideas are unique, beautiful and you're not
going to see these designs anywhere else.
~ Loretta K.

The Blueberry Diaper Cupcake was a hit at a recent baby shower I hosted. As a party planner, the design and décor were flawless.
I would definitely use Jazzy Diaper Cakes in the future.
~ Je-Nita S.

I purchased the Blue Elephant Diaper Cake for my daughter's baby shower. She held it up at the baby shower and told everyone "this is it!" My daughter thought her baby gift was a real cake that she could eat. LOL. Jazzy Diaper Cakes has exceptional customer service.
I chose the delivery service and was very satisfied
with the professionalism of the delivery person.
I would definitely recommend Jazzy Diaper Cakes
to my family and friends.
~ Cleo D.

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